Saturday, September 6, 2014

-1+7, Touch-Typing LPs, Typing Challenges and A Green Royal P

-1+7, Touch-Typing LPs, Typing Challenges and A Green Royal P

Pictured: Some of the Selectrics received.

Touch Typing Made Simple
Smith-Corona 10-Day Touch Typing Course

But since this was written, I now know the answers to most of these questions. Just a heads up.

Speaking of floppy disks... Maybe I should set up a 'floppy disk' for my floppy disks. I think I have 91 of them at present, all for Commodore 64.

Mousey's full glory. I've got more shots like this that have more detail and will be shared on the first official Mousey post.

My new 1929 Royal Portable in black/green duotone. Strangely enough I am getting attached to the highlighted 'H' key. It adds a nice quirk to it.


  1. Bet your car's suspension was bottoming out with all those Selectrics aboard!

  2. Ahhh more selectric love, hey! And C64 disks... Tell me more! What wares have you got?

    1. Check my "COMPUTERS/CONSOLES" disk to see what computers and peripherals I have. The floppy disks have so much variety that it would be hard to catalog them… a lot of them have repeats of games. There can be up to 8 games per side, from my experience so far. I'll work on getting through them all.


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