Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Typewriter Day 2014: Golden-Touch Review

Yes, I know that typewriter day was yesterday. I typed the whole thing out and then promptly misplaced it! After recovering it I made sure that it got online ASAP.

It may be dirty, but it types like a dream!

That would be an oddly shaped jackhammer...

Right there. 


  1. Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful review. The machine sounds like a workhorse though its styling doesnt lend to creative output, not obviously at least. Im sure it has its place and there are probably some that loved it. I wonder if it was designed and marketing as an office machine or more for home use.

    1. At 4:00 (testing this whole 'scheduling' thing) there will be a post about the numerous variations in the Golden-Touch color scheme. I suggest taking a look at that to see about marketing, because I really have no idea.

      As for aesthetics, you're absolutely right. I did fall head-over-heels for it after I consistently fit 520 words per page (double linespace) during NaNoWriMo last year, and since then I haven't found a machine that I like better. Aesthetically speaking, though, my '37 Royal KHM is certainly far better for lending to creative output. Downsides are that that thing is loud, and beats ribbons to death very quickly. The Golden-Touch seems to be very merciful on the fabric.


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